Why I Like the Prequel Trilogy!


By Matt “Matterson” Whitehurst
I am a big Star Wars fan and I enjoyed the prequel movies, but they are bad films. I was so blinded on my love of them, it took me awhile to see how bad they are. My love went down to liking them. Before I explain my reasons why I inform you that I got some information from Chris Taylor’s How Star Wars Conquered the Universe. . .
If the whole saga proved us about George Lucas is that he is a great storyteller. He want to show the beginning of Darth Vader, the fall of the Old Republic, and the end of the Jedi Council.
Lucas is also a great visionary. He goes lengths to get his vision on the screen. Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s work on Jurassic Park, Lucas wanted to show what he could do with CGI. Yes the prequels got a lot of CGI in them but most of it shows his vision.
I hope you be able to watch the films and appreciate the work that he did on them. I certainly do.


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