Ranking The Star Wars Movies

By Matt “Matterson” Whitehurst
Where do I rank the Star Wars films? I count the animated Clone Wars movie a movie because it came out in theaters. Check it out.
8. Attack of the Clones
I appreciate Lucas’s attempt to tell a love story with mystery in it. If one of the prequel movies needed a script doctor, the script for this film needed it badly.
7. The Phantom Menace
This one is bad but story wasn’t the problem. Jar Jar was one of the problems. There are again bad dialogue.
6. The Clone Wars
This was more in the hands of Dave Faloni but the story was basic. They could of spilt it into 3 episodes and start the series from there.
5. The Revenge of the Sith
The conclusion of the Prequel Trilogy. It’s the best one out of the trilogy and the dialogue wasn’t as bad.
4. The Return of the Jedi
The conclusion of the original trilogy. I thought that the tone is switching between dark and light. It is still a lot more fun to watch.
3. The Force Awakens
After seeing this 3 times in theaters, it gets number 3. There are some similarities to A New Hope. Also some misuse a couple of characters. J.J. Abrams brought life back into the movies.
2. A New Hope
The start of the franchise. George Lucas worked hard on this a lot even after it came out in May, 1977.
1. The Empire Strikes Back
The continuation of the original trilogy. The script was in different hands of different writers. Everything worked even the big twist.


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