How to Make a Great Mix!

By Matt “Matterson” Whitehurst
Cassette tapes are not in production, cds are still being made, but it’s digital mostly. One thing is for certain that will remain, it’s a mix playlist. What makes a great mix playlist? You came to the right place.
I recommend coming up with a theme or pick a genre. I am going to choose rock playlist. I find genres easier to make. Before I go in on the list, I like you to know it doesn’t matter the length of the playlist. Ok I want to make a rock playlist to listen to for a road trip. For me, I would go to a classic rock song that would get me in the driving mood. If you guess Rocking Down the Highway by The Doobie Brothers, then you guess right.
After you get your starting point, I recommend putting in other versions of rock, like Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath… just your fancy. If you want, then make it a classic rock playlist. Now make your playlist. I am going to stick with my classic rock playlist to make.


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