Rouge One, a Star Wars Story: Teaser Trailer

By Matt “Matterson” Whitehurst
Thought that I was done with Star Wars, well I got this post and one more coming. In 2013, Disney announced that they were planning to release stand alone Star Wars movies in between the sequel trilogy. The Force Awakens came out in 2015, this year, the stand alone movie, then 2017, episode 8. You get my point.
The teaser trailer for the first stand alone movie was aired on Good Morning America this morning and on the web after. I gotta say it when it comes to movie trailers, Disney doesn’t disappoint. They are awesome. A great trailer sets a consistent tone and doesn’t show too much. Also, it is a Star Wars movie.
If you remember the beginning of A New Hope the Rebels stole some plans to the first Death Star from the Empire. So basically the Rouge One Story is how the Rebels got the plans from the Empire.
The director of the movie, Gareth Edwards who directed the recent Godzilla movie and Monsters, described the film last year at Star Wars Celebration, that Rouge One is going to be a war movie. It looks like a war movie, in space.
I hope you check out the trailer on YouTube. It really is an epic trailer to watch.


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