Star Wars the Force Awkens Blu-Ray Review.


By Matt “Matterson” Whitehurst
Here it is. The blue-ray has been released on Tuesday. There are different cases to get. I got the Target version because I like the cover of the individual character posters on one cover (Han, Rey, Fin, Leia, Kylo Ren, and BB8). The Target blue-ray is like the more modern CD cases where it folds out. But first like opening a book so 2 sides. Where one side is the good side and the other side is the bad side.


Then you open both sides and you get the individual posters except for BB8.


The features are very straight to the point. There is an over 1 hour documentary of making the film then individual segments on the first table read, the score, making BB8, the final lightsaber scene. It’s fun for me knowing the behind the scenes. I can’t forget the deleted scenes. There are short deleted scenes even Kylo Rem on the Falcon.
My one gripe and people probably agree with this, is no commentary on the blue-ray. I love listening to commentaries. In Disney defense, the film makers must have been busy but it’s a common excuse for not putting it on the disc.
I recommend picking this blue-ray up anywhere, if you want to build your movie collection.


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